Trainings Offered

Trainings Offered


Embodied Ethics
Supervisory Ethics
Writing Your Ethical Eulogy
Ethics on a Cloudy Day: Developing Action Plans for Ethically Cloudy Questions
Going Once, Going Twice: The Ethics Auction
Ethical Code Scavenger Hunt
Ethics Trivia Game
Ethical Charades
Developing Ethical Resources
Developing Ethical Rituals
Setting Ethical Boundaries with Your Body
Ethics in Motion
The Grain of Truth: Enacting Ethics Through the Use of Sand Trays
The Many Faces of Ethics: Making Masks
Creating Ethical Super Powers
Ethical Sculptures
Ethics of In Treatment
Picture Perfect Ethics
Building Ethical Systems

Clinical Supervision


Advanced Clinical Supervision

Super Vision: Developing Your Own Supervisory Style

The Parental Tool Box
Training for Parents
Training for Clinicians